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Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Officer Tina Trock from Champaign Police Force, Lance Spiegel and Rep Brad Halbrook

From Champaign Police K-9 unit, our Law Enforcement Official of the month is Tina Trock.  Lance Spiegel from Farmer City Raceway talks about event Thursday 9/2 & Friday 9/3 at the track.  Brad Halbrook, State Representative from the 102nd District talks about freedom of choice for Illinoisians and disagreeing with many of our governors mandates, then an event in Arthur 9/11 with Polly's BBQ as the speaker Dinesh D'Souza comes to give a talk in our area.

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Joe Collins, Jon (Stevie‘s brother) & Ed Martin ( Steve Suderman

Stevie Jay gets National and Local Headlines, then weather with meteorologist Greg Soulje as we get into the trending stories with Joe Collins running against Maxine Waters in California ( then Stevie's brother Jon comes in studio, leaving his New Orleans home due to Hurricane Ida and Ed Martin checks in from the D.C. area as a political analyst, sharing his perspective of the way our administration is handling Afghanistan.  From Good Vibes, Steve Suderman talks about great deals on TV & sound equipment (

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey visit with Ryan Ross & Jim Runyan (U of I Alumni Assoc) then Stacey LeFeber, Jimmy Graham and Jenette Jurczyk

We learn about the Alice Campbell Alumni Center welcoming back alumni 2 hours before home game kick offs and what guests can do at these regular open houses as Ryan Ross, Assistant Director of History and Traditions and Jim Runyan, General Facilities Manager talk about our Illini.  Stacey LeFeber with Girl Scouts talks about the Diamonds, Desserts and Distinction event 9/16 at 6pm at the Lincolnshire Golf Club in Champaign ( then Jenette Jurczyk with the Junior League of Champaign Urbana ( talks about an event at Jupiters tonight at 6pm.

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk with Brad Blakeman, Boyd Matheson, Dan McCue & Dr Todd

Stevie Jay & Diane have national then local news, weather with Greg Soulje then Brad Blakeman talks about our troops leaving Afghanistan.  Sports headlines includes our St Louis Cardinals winning then we have an offer from Carpet Weavers today.  Boyd Matheson at KSL radio in Salt Lake City Utah has his pulse on trending stories in the USA, then we hear from long time listener Dan McCue, leaving Illinois soon with his dog, Violet.  Dr Todd Lykins, our Pet Pro, gives tips on traveling a long distance with your pet.

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Ashley Smith Thomas and Ginger Mills

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk political trends with Ashley Smith Thomas ( then have Cunningham Children's Home representative Ginger Mills on about the Be A Hero 5k on Oct 16th with details found at   News and Weather are new elements to the show as we welcome Jim Miller and Greg Soulje (respectively) to the Stevie Jay Broadcasting team!

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk with Professor Allan Saxe and Greg Soulje

National news with details about Hurricane Ida making landfall near New Orleans, then local news with Jim Miller and Greg Soulje's weather as a new feature on our show!  Professor Allan Saxe then talks about Afghanistan with Stevie and our Illini WIN with clips from Coach Bret Bielema's press conference sound good!  Clint Bruce gives a NAVY Seal's perspective of getting Americans out of Afghanistan. 

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk to Dr Tom Pluira, Dr Jaya Wadhawan, Kent Brown & Ellen Hook

Stevie Jay & Diane talk about the new mask mandates from Gov. J B Pritzker with Dr Tom Pluira from Campustown Urgentcare.  The new pediatrician at OSF Healthcare talks about masks on kids and we learn about R.S.V. as Dr Jaya Wadhawan shares her professional opinion to keep us all healthy and safe.  Kent Brown updates us on Illini Athletics then Ellen Hook with Ashley Homestore shares stories about their community involvement and big Labor Day Sale off Anthony Drive in Champaign

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Frank V Vernuccio Jr, Coach Ron Turner, Coach Mike Ditka & Stevie’s brother Jonny

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey get us caught up on international issues with 13 US Marines dying in Afghanistan as we talk with Frank V Vernuccio Jr ( then share sports headlines.  After the 7:20am Fox Business Minute, Coach Ron Turner talks about the 2001 reunion of his Illini team at the Illinois vs Nebraska game 8/28!  Between 7:35-45am Coach Mike Ditka comes on with Stevie's brother Jonny to debate trending topics.  Learning about St Joseph Ogden Coach Dick Duval passing away at the age of 64 was sad, the Spartan Football Field was dedicated to him last week with he and his family there to see it.

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Ken Jenkins and Mike Koon as guests

Stevie Jay & Diane talk about 9/11 20th anniversary concerns with TSA specialist Ken Jenkins, then hit our sports headlines before learning more about the thousands of vehicles coming to the State Farm Center 12-6pm Friday 8/27 with the Hot Rod Power Tours as Mike Koon ( gives details about the show.

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk with David Avella, Ed Martin then Steve Suderman

Stevie Jay & Diane talk about our administration's handling of current issues in America and around the world with David Avella, chairman of GoPac. Ed Martin ( in D.C. and Stevie's brother Jonny share their opinions about trending topics concerning American's today.  From Good Vibes, Steve Suderman tells us about great deals on home audio and TV's

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk with James Miervaldis, Bill McGinley & Dr Todd Lykins

Stevie Jay & Diane visit with US Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan and is the chairman of "No One Left Behind" ( James Miervaldis gives his perspective of the situation in Afghanistan (7:06-7:15am) then sports headlines, our Fox Business Minute and News at 7:30am. From the Vogel Group and former assistant to President Trump Bill McGinley talks about the Afghanistan tension in the world starting at 7:36am for 8 minutes. Animal advice at 7:50am Tuesdays comes from our Pet Pro, Dr Todd Lykins

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Professor Allan Saxe and Paul Lewis as guests on the show

America's international relations and the situation in Afghanistan was combed over by University of Texas at Arlington political science professor over 50 years, Allan Saxe and from the Iran Hostage Crisis in '79, Paul Lewis a Marine captured for 444 days, comes in studio to talk about his experience and the Taliban.

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk with Jim Goss, Chris Santarelli, Kent Brown & Sen Chapin Rose

We get a progress report about the Champaign County Board with Jim Goss, then hear about back to school and sports with Carle Sports Medicine's Chris Santarelli (8:22-27am) then visit about our Illini and St Joe Ogden's sports as they dedicate the football field to Coach Dick Duvall: Kent Brown has details.  Senator Chapin Rose comes on around 8:45am and talks for 10 minutes about the buzz in the school district he lives in, Mahomet Seymour, with a school board member being investigated by Governor Pritzker after discussing the pros/cons of the mask mandate and what's best for students and staff. 

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey have Coach Mike Ditka on with Stevie’s brother Jonny

Trending stories of the day and sports headlines are shared along with promoting local business with a great offer

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey talk with former Congressman in Georgia, Bob Barr then Ed Martin & Jon (Stevie’s brother)

Afghanistan's turmoil, trending stories and sports headlines shared in 7am hour of the show

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