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Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Eric Meyers, Leslie Radici and Allie Lindeman

Stevie Jay & Diane talk Phase 5 with local bar owner Eric Meyers (Pia's & Bentley's in Champaign, IL) then from it's a warm weekend and we can enjoy the Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatics Center as Leslie Radici explains.  Allie Lindeman with Parkland's women's basketball team (20-4) gets Coach of the Year from the Illinois Basketball Coaches Assoc!

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Jimmy Failla, Xander Hazel, Jeff Frankel, Ellen Hook & Alyssa Hudson

A funny political spin from NYC ex Cab Driver turned Comedian turned radio host at Jimmy Failla is Stevie & Diane's 1st guest. Champaign Center Partnership's summer series 13 Thursdays with fun deals and prizes with details from Xander Hazel at then we learn about restaurant staffing challenges from Mattita's Tex Mex owner Jeff Frankel.  Ashley Homestore has their Five Star sale today with Ellen Hook telling us about the deal, and her friend Alyssa Hudson comes in studio to talk about a big summer giveaway with instagram "CUaround2021"

Stevie Jay & Diane Ducey with Dr Tom Pluira, Rob Dalhaus and Guy Benson

Stevie Jay & Diane talk COVID-19 testing and vaccinations with Campustown Urgentcare's Dr Tom Pluira.  CU at Home has their services on a pause for the homeless as they look to hire more staff as executive director Rob Dalhaus explains. Political trends are talked about with national radio host GuyBenson(

Stevie Jay & Diane have Dr Meena Bose, Ed Martin & Jonny, Steve Suderman on the air

Trending topics include trips made by our President and Vice President and what pressing issues are coming up as they visit with world leaders

Stevie Jay and Diane with Phil Keating and Boyd Matheson

Stevie Jay and Diane talk trending topics like travel with Phil Keating and being American today with Boyd Matheson (KSL radio in Salt Lake City) plus animal advice around 7:50am with Dr Todd Lykins, also talking about the bride and groom, Taylor and Lance's wedding this past weekend!

Stevie Jay and Diane Ducey with Griff Jenkins, Sarah Sheppard, Sen Darren Bailey

Stevie Jay & Diane talk about the southern border with Griff Jenkins, Fox News then from the C U Humane Society's Sarah Sheppard describes the Mutt Strutt and Cat Nap event 6/12 in Colbert Park in Savoy 12-4pm. ( then Senator Darren Bailey is on about his run for Governor and the new maps for our voting districts.

Stevie Jay and Diane Ducey w/ Professor Allan Saxe and Senator Chapin Rose

Stevie Jay and Diane with Professor Allan Saxe on political trends, as a teacher at the University of TX at Arlington over 40 years in political science. Senator Chapin Rose with the re-drawn political district maps Governor J.B. Pritzker approved recently.

Stevie Jay and Diane Ducey with District Attorney Julia Rietz and Senator Chapin Rose

Stevie, Diane and Stevie's brother Jon in studio have our District Attorney Julia Rietz talk about the initial report on the domestic disturbance call that turned fatal, killing Champaign Police Officer Chris Oberheim. Senator Chapin Rose joins the show at 8:33am to express condolences about the 5/19/21 tragedy with 2 police officers getting shot and the frustration about the rise in gun violence in our community.

Stevie Jay and Diane Ducey with Coach Mike Ditka & Stevie’s brother Jon

Stevie and Diane with the initial report on Officer Chris Oberheim dying in the line of duty 5/19/21 and the video that was released. Giving listeners a chance to voice their thoughts on law enforcement as our community tries to heal from this tragedy. Coach Mike Ditka and Jon share thoughts after 7:30am on the weekly Friday morning segment.

Stevie Jay and Diane Ducey with Michael Reagan and Jon Decker

Stevie and Diane talk with President Ronald Reagan's son Michael about remembering veterans as we approach Memorial Day.  Jon Decker with Gray TV updates us as he covers the White House and trending political stories.

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